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Car Accidents Caused by Cell Phones

Since the invention of the cell phone, people everywhere have come to rely on the ability to be able to communicate with anyone at anytime. Cellular phones have allowed us to catch up with friends and complete business transactions no matter where we are or what we are doing. While the invention of the cell phone has made life much more efficient, they have also been the subject of controversy, as many believe that the use of cell phones while driving is to blame for many car accidents.

Although many do not think that a cell phone could be dangerous, the number of automobile collisions caused by a person who was talking on a phone while driving continues to increase. Recent reports show that the simple act of being involved in a conversation while driving can put the driver and all other cars nearby at serious risk of collision. These studies show that people talking on the phone while driving may have similar reaction times as those of drunken drivers. Although many people like to think that they are good at multitasking, these reports show that the action of driving while talking on the phone may be more dangerous than anyone had ever thought.

Hands-free devices have become popular recently after the cell phone safety issue had been brought to light. These devices have done little to help the problem, however, since it is the act of being involved with the conversation that causes people to get into accidents – not the act of physically holding the cell phone itself.

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