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Bright Flashes and Seizures

People can suffer medical problems from a variety of unexpected sources. They may come into contact with lead paint, thinking it is safe. Or they may re-use plastic bottles that have many germs on and in them. Another way that people may face medical emergencies is if they see bright images or flashes.

Many people may not expect bright images or flashes to cause medical problems, but they very well might. Such images and flashes can, and have, led to seizures in some people. For example, a child who was watching a Pokemon movie in theaters several years ago began to suffer a seizure after seeing the bright flashes on screen.

Such seizures, caused by bright flashes or images, are called photosensitive epilepsy. People who have photosensitive epilepsy, though, display varying degrees of sensitivity. For some people, even the slightest amount of excessive brightness or bright flashes can cause seizures; other people may have a higher threshold. As a result, some things may cause seizures in some people but not in others.

Some common sources that have led to seizures, however, are video games, web designing, fluorescent lighting, and TV and movies.

Photosensitive epilepsy is a medical condition. As a result, people need to be aware that others may suffer by their actions.

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