Boat Collisions

When people think about crashes, they automatically think about cars crashing. This is understandable. In their everyday lives, people see cars in large numbers and almost constantly. They hear about car crashes often, both in the news and from people they know. Cars, however, are not the only vehicles that can collide with one another. Though most people do not think about it, even boats get into very serious accidents.

In fact, boat crashes can be much more serious than car crashes. For one thing, boats are much larger than cars. As a result, the force they exert can be much larger than that a car can exert. This is exacerbated by the fact that boats often travel as fast cars. As the Law of the Conservation of Momentum tells us, when two objects travel at the same speed, the heavier object will exert more force upon impact.

Furthermore, boat collisions can be more dangerous than car accidents because in boats people do not wear seatbelts. Consequently, they can go flying out of the boat or into a part of the boat. At least in a car, a seatbelt can restrain an individual from flying out of the windshield. Plus, boats don’t have air bags.

Just like boat accidents themselves can be more serious than car crashes, so can the damages that must be paid be larger. Like with car crashes, in boat accidents the individual responsible for the collision has to pay for any damages that occur, whether those are medical damages, property damages, or some other type. Because boat collisions are more serious than car collisions, though, the damages can be much higher.

Let a Waukesha Boating Accident Attorney Help You

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