Blood Clots

When a person is recovering from a procedure in the hospital, they often spend a lot of time in bed. Unfortunately, this immobility can cause blood clots to form in the large veins deep inside their arms and legs. These clots can break up and move from the patient’s extremities into their lungs, a phenomenon known as a pulmonary embolism.

Approximately 25,000 Americans die from pulmonary embolisms every year, making them the number one cause of preventable hospital deaths. Despite the fact that avoiding blood clots requires only simple preventative measures, only about half of all at-risk patients receive treatment to keep their blood flowing properly. By acting in such a neglectful way, medical professionals break the trust that their patients have in them.

Avoiding Blood Clots

If you have recently undergone a medical procedure in a hospital and have been forced to spend a lot of time in bed, you have a few options to prevent falling victim to a blood clot. First of all, if you can, getting up and walking around a bit can go a long way. If you are bed ridden, there are compression stockings that will help keep the circulation in your legs normal. In more extreme cases, you can be given a blood thinner medication that will make your blood much less likely to clot. Ask your doctor which option is best for you, especially if you feel he or she has been neglecting the issue.

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