Baby Walkers

Babies are among the most vulnerable individuals in our society. They face dangers from many sources that do not pose dangers to fully grown people. In addition, even items made specifically for babies can be dangerous. One such example is the baby walker.

A baby walker is a simple device. It is a tool that allows babies to walk upright by holding onto a bar that is connected to wheels. When the baby stands upright, holds the bar, and pushes her or his feet against the ground, the wheels rotate and the baby walker moves, allowing the baby to walk.

However, baby walkers can lead to very serious injuries, including skull fractures and concussions. In fact, there are around 25,000 reported injuries every year related to baby walkers. Of those injuries, 96% involved babies falling down stares. Moreover, in 69% of those 25,000 cases, adults were present with the babies.

It is possible, however, for baby walkers themselves to malfunction. They may be poorly made, or may not follow safety guidelines. For example, they may be narrow enough for a baby to be able to walk through a doorway to a flight of stairs. Baby walkers can unnecessarily put babies in harm’s way.

Clearly, baby walkers are hidden dangers. Although safety precautions can and should be taken, accidents still occur with alarming frequency.

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