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Airbag Defects – Failure to Deploy

Airbags were invented to protect drivers and other passengers from the dangerous impact of automobile accidents. While airbags have proven to be effective in minimizing automobile collision injuries, they have also been known to cause injuries, especially if defective airbags are negligently installed during the manufacturing process.

There are several ways in which airbags can be classified as defective. The late deployment of airbags, oversized airbags, lack of side airbags, and airbags that carry insufficient consumer warnings can all lead to serious injuries. Airbags that fail to deploy may cause a variety of injuries, including a broken nose, whiplash, tooth loss, facial injuries, broken ribs and even death.

Airbags work by cushioning the impact of an automobile collision. During a collision, our bodies are thrown forward with incredible force. Without the airbag to cushion the impact, our bodies would crash into the steering wheel. Due to the position of the steering wheel, our face usually takes the greatest blow to the wheel during an automobile collision.

Manufacturers are responsible for testing the airbags that are placed in their vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured due to an airbag defect that caused your airbags to fail to deploy, it is in your best interest to contact a Waukesha airbag defects lawyer. A skilled Waukesha airbag defect lawyer can evaluate your case and help you organize an effective lawsuit on your behalf.

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